Luogo - Religious building

Certosa del Galluzzo

Where Via della Certosa, Firenze

Monastery of the Carthusian order which rises on Acuto Mount, surrounded by high city walls. It was built starting in 1341 by Niccolò Acciaiuoli, and at his death was enlarged and enriched by numerous donations over the centuries. The Chartreuse consists of several buildings: the church, the chapter house, sacristy, refectory, cloisters, factories and houses for monks and lay brothers. The first building you come to is the block crenellated Acciaiuoli Palace, built by Jacopo Passavanti and Jacopo Talents for private stays of Niccolò Acciaiuoli: the building is divided into four rooms on the ground floor, now used as workshop for the restoration of the books of the Vieusseux Cabinet. On the first floor are two rooms housing the Pinacoteca: the first room is covered with trusses and houses five frescoes with scenes of the Passion detached from the lunette of the Great Cloister, works by Pontormo during his stay at the Chartreuse to escape epidemic plague that raged in Florence. On the square facing the lodge, which welcomes guests of the monastery. It consists of large rooms, said the Pope's Apartment (in memory of the stay of Pius VI, 1798-99, and Pius VII, 1809): a large room, a study and a bedroom with numerous works of art and objects. The St. Lowrence's Church, a nave, was consecrated in 1394 and then expanded with the choir. On the ground floor there was a room for lunch, equipped with a fireplace and a small pantry wall. Each monastic cell had its own personal garden, leading to the basement, and upstairs was the study. The cells of lay brothers, however, included only a room and service.

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