Luogo - Monument

Loggia del Porcellino - Mercato Nuovo

Where Via Porta Rossa, 3, Firenze

Piglet Lodge is the popular name given to the Lodge of the New Market. Built between 1547 and 1551 to a design by Giovan Battista del Tasso, in the heart of the city, just steps from Ponte Vecchio, is characterized by the famous Piglet Fountain (although it is a bronze boar), a copy of seventeenth-century works by Pietro Tacca, now in the Bardini Museum. A curiosity: in the middle of the Lodge is placed a round bicolor marble, visible only when there are market stalls, the "stumbling block" (or "acculata"), full-size replica of one of the wheels of the Car, symbol of the Florentine Republic, on which insolvent debtors were punished in Renaissance period, letting them beat the bare buttocks on the stone.

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