Religious building

Chiesa di Santa Sofia

Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 16-22, Benevento

The Church of St. Sophia is one of the most important examples of Lombard art in Benevento, part of the path called "Lombards in Italy: places of power", including...

Historical building

Palazzo della Camera di Commercio

Piazza IV Novembre, 1-14, Benevento

The construction of the building dates back to 1932, designed by Giovanni Mario Boccaccino and Mario Gioia. The building suffered much damage during the war of 1943...

Historical building

Palazzo del Governo

Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 1, Benevento

The Government House is the seat of the Prefecture and the Arcos Museum. Its construction began in 1895, designed by architect Pietro Paolo Quaglia, then work resumed...

Historical building

Rocca dei Rettori

Piazza Castello, Benevento

Fortress of the Rectors, current seat of the Province of Benevento and the historical section of the Museum of Sannio, was originally a castle dominating the old...

Religious building

Chiesa del Santissimo Salvatore

Via Stefano Borgia, 7-9, Benevento

The Church of the Holy Saviour presents a plant with three naves separated by a double row of ancient Roman columns of gray granite. Recent archaeological excavations...

Religious building

Cattedrale Metropolitana di Santa Maria de Episcopio

Piazza Orsini, 6, Benevento

The Cathedral, dedicated to Sancta Maria de Episcopio, is Episcopalian vanue of homonymous metropolitan archdiocese. The original building stood at the center of the...


Fontana delle Catene

Piazza Orsini, 2, Benevento

The Chains Fountain is a monumental Baroque fountain located in Orsini Square. Erected by Vincenzo Maria Orsini in 1705, is work of Nicola Colle De Vita on...

Archaeological Area

Arco del Sacramento

Via Carlo Torre, 13, Benevento

The Arch of Sacramento surmounts Via Carlo Torre, on the corner with the Archbishop's Palace. It is a structure dating from the late first and early second century....

Religious building

Basilica della Madonna delle Grazie

Viale San Lorenzo, 35, Benevento

The Basilica of Our Lady of Grace, the Patron Saint of the town and  whole Sannio, is a monumental nineteenth century church, with an adjacent Franciscan monastery,...

Historical building

Villa dei Papi

Via Perlingieri Giovanni, 1, Benevento

Villa dei Papi stands on the ruins of the Convent of St. Mary of Peace, which collapsed in the earthquake of 1688. It was built from 1696 by Archbishop Vincenzo Maria...

Point of interest

Ponte Leproso

Via San Clementina, 50, Benevento

Leproso Bridge has Roman origins, with a typical "humpback" structure, and it is on the Sabato river. The original name was Marmoreo Bridge, while the current one...