Luogo - Religious building

Collegiata di San Secondo

Where Via San Secondo, Asti

Is a Catholic church among the oldest of Asti. With adjacent Town Hall and overlooking homonymous square, it is the heart of the city. Dedicated to St. Secondo, patron of city, according to tradition was built on the site of his martyrdom and burial. Church has a longitudinal plant, divided into three irregular aisles, the central one is the largest. The nave ends with an apse pentagonal. The facade, with its typical gabled Romanesque setting divided into three parts, has at its center a brick rose window with Renaissance elements. The side doors are sixteenth century, central door is eighteenth century. At the bottom there is Chapel of Si. Secondo, a jewel of Baroque style, frescoed by Golzio in 1779, where there is a permanent exhibition of flags and ancient Palios. It is in no way to reconstruct pre-Romanesque church, except for the presence of Crypt: The oldest part dates from the sixth-seventh century, made up of four columns topped with Corinthian capitals imitating a double row of leaves.

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