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Borghi e Rioni di Asti

Where Piazza Vittorio Alfieri, Asti

They are called "Rioni" neighborhoods inside the first circle of ancient thirteenth-century Walls, known as "noble" and "Borghi" the districts originally included within the second circle of Walls, known as "villagers". These 14 entities, each with its own statute and law, participate in social and religious life of the city, culminating in patron festivities of St. Secondo, with the race of ancient Palio. With the development of the city, some devices parishes, have widened and divided. The race, which once was held during the festivities of the month of May and it ran "the long run" through Maestra district (now Corso Alfieri), since 1967 takes place in a special circuit, "on lap" every third Sunday of September.

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