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Area Marina Protetta "Capo Caccia - Isola Piana"

Where Alghero (Sassari)

The Protected Marine Area "Capo Caccia - Isola Piana", is located in Sardinia and was set up by the Ministry of Environment in 2002 to protect a stretch of the Mediterranean coast. It's located in the administrative territory of Alghero and it's classified as "Special Protected Area of Mediterranean Interest". The area is characterized by the presence of limestone cliffs, dating back to the Cretaceous period, looking out to the sea with impressive cliff formations, which reach a height of over 300 meters in Punta Cristallo. The protected area is divided into three zones, according to the level of protection which they are subjected: A Zone, integral reserve; B Zone, general reserve; C Zone, partial reserve. Underwater fishing is not permitted. For cave diving and sport fishing it must request special authorization. The most famous cave area is "Grotta Nettuno", accessible from the ground through a scale (Escala Cabirol) that descends along the cliff until joining. The cave is also accessible by sea with a boat that set sail from the port of Alghero. Geology and biodiversity are manifold, both on land and in the deep sea, offering the opportunity to carry out different activities: observation and study of coastal environments, visits to archaeological sites, enjoy bird watching, hiking, photography and caving. On land, there are many interesting natural sites such as the State Forest of Porto Conte "The Prigionette", a wildlife oasis that houses the deer, the wild horses and the white donkeys; Lake Baratz, the only natural lake in Sardinia; Island Foradada, located opposite the promontory of Capo Caccia with a lot of rare endemic species.


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