Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa Madre di Santa Maria della Visitazione

Where Piazza Monsignore Lomonaco, Aieta (Cosenza)

Mother Church of St. Mary of the Visitation is located in Mons. Marco Lomonaco square. Formerly known as “S. Maria de Fora” dating from the XII century approximately, in 1530 became the main church and in 1576 it was renamed St. Mary of the Visitation after he was placed in the apse the impressive panel painting depicting the Visitation work Fabrizio Santafede. Inside is still the frescoes and painted on the canvas of the Assumption of the Virgin in the Chapel of the Assumption noble; the precious icon Mother of Consolation of the sixteenth century; the valuable altar in white marble altar of the Chapel of Corpus Christi 1511; the panel painting of the Madonna del Carmine also this work of Fabrizio Santafede; the Bossi organ of 1673; a remarkable eighteenth-century wooden crucifix invoice and others works, that overall, evidence of the presence of Renaissance art in Aieta and constitute a precious artistic heritage.

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