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Spending a Weekend in one of the Art Cities of Italy: the top 5 destinations

ViaggiArt recommends the top 5 destinations for a weekend in one of the Art Cities of Italy

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Elba Island: a location between sea and nature

This fabulous location is a pristine area made up of beaches that have golden sand and crystal clear water. It is a place with a millenary history where you can admire cliffs, villages that are perched on the mountains, mines, and granite massifs.


What to eat in Livorno?

Livorno is a coastal Tuscan city par excellence where nineteenth-century dwellings mix with newly built ones. It is a lively city in which the culture of the various...

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Viareggio or Forte dei Marmi: two must see Tuscan locations for Summer 2019

Today we would like to suggest two must see Tuscan locations for summer 2019: Viareggio or Forte dei Marmi, which one should you choose?


What to see in Cervia 

Located in the southern area of the Po Delta Regional Park, the city of Cervia is historically linked to the production of salt. A trip to Cervia, therefore, cannot...


Shopping at the historical market of Forte dei Marmi

This location is a much sought-after tourist destination since ancient times. Forte dei Marmi is the most glamorous center in all of Versilia.

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Discovering the village of Santa Fiora, the land of water

Let's discover the village of Santa Fiora, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy

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The treasure of Montecristo it is just a  legend or reality?

The treasure of the Spada family was already a legend two hundred years ago. It is thanks to this treasure that Edmond Dantès (aka the Count of Montecristo) consumed his inexorable revenge.