Luogo - Theatre

Teatro Puccini

Where Via delle Cascine, 41, Firenze

The Theater has a total of 634 beds and specializes in the representation of comedy and satire with actors of national reputation. The building was built between 1939 and 1940, as a place of recreation for the workers of the adjacent Tobacco Factory. In the 1991-92, it was opened permanently: thus was born the "Puccini-Stabile Theater of Satire and Contamination of Genres", founded and created by Sergio Staino, who held the leadership until January 1999. The building is an example of Italian Rationalism, with games of volumes opposing. It closes the imposing facade, at the confluence of the Cascine with Puccini Square, the bas-relief by sculptor Coccia, representing the "Workers Mothers". The hall has a horseshoe plant, with a gallery  characterized by the breadth, typical expression of best Rational architecture.

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