Luogo - Museum

Museo della didattica in agricoltura

Where delle Cascine, 11, Firenze

The museum is used by teachers of the Institute for educational visits and lectures. He returned from years in the manifestations of the "Week of Scientific Culture". Among the exhibits of the other years, in collaboration with the University of Natural Sciences and Agronomy it were organized: "Show plants colonial", "Exhibition of aromatic and medicinal plants from all over the world", "Historical View of palm trees Institute "," Show pomology. "In recent years, during the "Spring Festival", organized by the end of May has been set up inside the museum a "show of historical photos" most significant, was also exposed the "Pomona Italian," George Gallesio. the museum is included in the orientation for the middle school kids and is visited by associations, groups of researchers for studies of historical material, from schools of all levels of education and external audiences. Opens at events of the Interior and the Institute for the Spring Festival.

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