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Where CORSO OVIDIO, Sulmona (L'Aquila)
The municipal Museums of Sulmona are set inside the building of Santissima Annunziata, one of the most important in the town, founded in 1320 as an orphanage and hospital for the sick.
The arts center is composed of four departments: the archaeological section, the Medieval-modern one, the Roman domus and the Museum of traditional costumes of the Abruzzi and the Molise and of the so called "transumanza".
The archaeological section, set on the ground floor, collects several finds from the Peligna Valley dated from the pre-history to the late Roman age: from the Paleolithic double-face flints to the early Christian terracotta oil-lamps. Among the most noteworthy pieces there are a late republican bas-relief representing a pastoral scene and a marble head of Mercury. 
The Roman domus is an archaeological excavation turned into a museum in a side of the ground floor: it consists of a Roman house inhabited between the I and the II A.D. where the archaeologists discovered traces of frescoes and mosaic decorations.
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