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Borgo Antico

Where Vico Cortese, 53, Riace (Reggio Calabria)

The first document attesting the existence of Riace goes back to 1562 when, in addition to the Tower of Casamona to prevent Turkish incursions, the village also had a boundary wall and three gates: the St. Catherine's Gate, teh St. Anne's Gate and the Water Gate. The town, risen to the headlines for the discovery, in 1972, of the famous statues called Bronzi di Riace, since 2004 is happily known for another first, tied to the policies of welcoming immigrants who, in 2010, earned the mayor Domenico Lucano the award "World Mayor". The hospitality dates back to 1999, when is founded the association "Città Futura", swiftly followed by "A sud di Lampedusa", "Il Girasole", "Real Riace" and "Riace Accoglie", united in a pilot national and international project upheld permanently about 150 immigrants, which fit perfectly into the world of work and an integral part of the life of the village.

* Sergio Masella, Riace, la marina, l'università, i bronzi, 1989
* Mario Ricca, Riace, il futuro è presente. Naturalizzare «il globale» tra immigrazione e sviluppo interculturale, Riace, 2010
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