Biblioteca Forteguerriana

Biblioteca Forteguerriana, Pistoia

Biblioteca Fabroniana

Piazzetta San Filippo, 1, Pistoia

Palazzo Vescovile Nuovo

Via Niccolò Puccini, 28-30, Pistoia

Built starting in 1787 by Stefano Ciardi commissioned by Bishop Scipione de' Ricci. The plant is enriched by porch topped by a terrace. Classical tastes decorations...

Biblioteca San Giorgio

Via Sandro Pertini, Pistoia

Chiesa e Convento di San Francesco

Via Pellegrino Antonini, 1, Pistoia

Construction began in 1289. Church was built on Franciscan model, with a single hall covered with trusses and articulated in transept chapels. The facade was...


Pistoia (Italian pronunciation: [pisˈtoːja] ( )) is a city and comune in the Tuscany region of Italy, the capital of a province of the same name, located about 30...


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