Luogo - Religious building

Battistero di Pisa

Where del Duomo, Pisa

The Baptistery is a monument opened to the public in a manner similar to that of a museum, and which is part of the museums and monuments of the Opera Primaziale Pisana. In addition to the architecture, visitors can see the important works of art housed inside. It can go up to the women's gallery on the first floor where it can enjoy a beautiful view of the Square of Miracles. In the history of the building of the monumental complex in Piazza del Duomo, the Baptistery is the first essential step in the formation of the Christian man, in a process that goes with him from the birth to the death, from baptism to the post-mortem awareness, all concentrated in the space of the Square of Miracles and marked by the architectural masterpieces that comprise it.

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