Luogo - Architecture

Camposanto monumentale

Where del Duomo, Pisa

The Monumental Cemetery, built from 1278 by Giovanni di Simone, preserves an extraordinary cycle of frescoes of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries (Taddeo Gaddi, Andrea Bonaiuti, the Master of the Triumph of Death, Benozzo Gozzoli), which were severely damaged during the World War II. After completing the delicate restoration, that returned the precious pieces of medieval and early Renaissance paintings, the frescoes, already seriously compromised by a long and troubled history, were moved to their natural and permanent location, to decorate the monumental walls of the cemetery, their original home, the only way to restore the majesty of a cycle which at the time had no equal. There are also preserved 84 ancient sarcophagi and many medieval tombs.

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