Museo Diocesano Alessandro Maria Kalefati

Piazza Cattedrale, 2, Oria, (Brindisi)

The Diocesan Museum "A. M. Kalefati " of Oria, is located on the ground floor of the Bishop’s Palace. The building stands on the ancient Messapica Acropolis, where...


Museo Etnografico Regionale Pugliese 1600/1900 di Oria

Contrada San Cosimo, Oria, (Brindisi)

The 1600/1900 Apulian Regional Ethnographic Museum is hosted in a building located near the Sanctuary of “San Cosimo alla Macchia”, which is about 5 km from the...


Museo Archeologico "Francesco Milizia" di Oria

Via Epitaffio c/o Palazzo Comunale, Oria, (Brindisi)

The Archaeological Museum dedicated to the famous architect Francesco Milizia is located on the premises of the ‘De Pace Lombardi di Oria’ Public Library, set up...