Luogo - Religious building


Where Via Anna, Ocre (L'Aquila)
The monastery of Sant'Angelo in Ocre rises on a rocky spur of Monte Circolo, in the surroundings of the Ocre's castle and of the hermitage of Santo Spirito. The date of foundation is uncertain: the earliest settlement seems to date back to the XIII century; in 1409 a community of nouns settled in the monastery, but it did not stay there for long, since in 1480 Sixtus IV suppressed it and replaced it with Franciscan Friars of the Regular Observance. The plan of the building follows the unevenness of the ground: the church and the monastery, which the Franciscans restored during the XVII and XVIII century, rise around the cloister, which Borani painted with frescoes representing the history of Saint Antony from Padua. Inside, the convent preserves the relics of the Blessed Placido from Roio, founder of the Santo Spirito Monastery, and of the Blessed Cesidio from Fossa.
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