Luogo - Museum

Bunker Mooseum

Where Paese, 99a, Moso in Passiria (Bolzano/Bozen)

To learn more about Val Passiria, its past and its territory it is worth visiting its Bunker Mooseum, built inside old bunker from Second World War. Museum, quite unusual in its shape and characteristics, was inaugurated in 2009, inside it can be found various exhibition areas dedicated to the most characteristic aspects of Val Passiria. Nature lovers can find an interesting information center on Gruppo di Tessa Nature Park, and exhibit areas have been set up that include Alta Val Passiria, Monteneve mine, geological and natural curiosities of the area. Not only the past and nature, however, in Bunker are also told about the episodes that saw the protagonist Moso in Passiria and its inhabitants during Second World War. The atmosphere of Bunker, is able to convey to those who visit it something really special. Near Bunker there is also the enclosure with ibex, so loved by adults and children and the rock gym.


Residents of Val Passiria, guests with Tourist Card or ADAC card, aged 60 and over € 5.00
Children from 6 years, school children, disabled students € 3.50
Groups (min 10 people) for person 4,00 €
School students € 3.50
Family card € 12.00
Guided tours and pedagogical suggestions on request.

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