Musei della Basilica Santuario San Michele Arcangelo

Via Reale Basilica, 127, Monte Sant'Angelo, (Foggia)

The Museum collects headstone materials found both inside the sanctuary and from other sites around the sanctuary. The largest group of materials and the start of the...


Museo delle Arti e delle Tradizioni Popolari del Gargano Giovanni Tancredi

Piazza San Francesco, 1, Monte Sant'Angelo, (Foggia)

Inspired by the ideas of the Loire Lambert, founder of the ethnoantropological institute of Rome, the museum was born from the collections of Giovanni Tancredi,...


Museo Naturalistico della Foresta Umbra

Loc. Foresta Umbra, Monte Sant'Angelo, (Foggia)

The Umbra Forest is the green heart of Gargano National Park. Stretching over 10,000 hectares, is characterised by impressive flora so that in many ways, even during...

Religious building

Santuario di San Michele Arcangelo

Via Reale Basilica, 93-151, Monte Sant'Angelo, (Foggia)

St. Archangel Michael's Sanctuary is located in St,. Angel Mount, in the province of Foggia. Joined the List of "World Heritage" by UNESCO in 2011, according to...