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Where Miglianico (Chieti)
Miglianico is a town and comune of the Province of Chieti in the Abruzzo region of Italy. Geography Miglianico is situated in the foothills of the Italian Apennine Mountains. History During the Second World War, Miglianico was occupied by German forces attempting to hold ground as the American push by General Mark Clark advanced north from Southern Italy. Homes of residents were taken over by German units and used to quarter soldiers and served as command posts. Miglianico and the surrounding area was heavily damaged by Allied carpet bombing during 1944. Many of its residents fled to and lived in caves for months for safety. Sights It is home to two churches: the Church of St. Rocco and the Church of St. Pantaleone (the patron saint of the town). The Festival of St. Pantaleone is celebrated every year on 27 July, and is the patron saint of doctors and obstetricians. Miglianico is also host to the Miglianico Tour foot race each year in August. Economy The town economy is predominately agricultural; wine grapes and olives are its primary crops. See also Abruzzo (wine) References
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