Luogo - Religious building

Cattedrale del Santissimo Salavatore (Duomo)

Where Via Ruggero Conte, 2, Mazara del Vallo (Trapani)

Built at the behest of Roger I, Etienne de Rouen directed the work between 1086 and 1093, building it on the ruins of an ancient basilica destroyed by Saracens in 828. Around the turn of the seventeenth century, by Don Pietro Castro, it was radically transformed into Baroque Cathedral with basilical plant, Latin cross, keeping only original walls of the transept and apse. The interior, with three naves, houses several works of art, including a wooden crucifix of thirteenth century, three Roman sarcophagi, a marble portal of 1525, the ciborium, Transfiguration by Domenico Gagini, marble group of six statues, and frescoes by Gianbecchina.

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