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Where Manoppello (Pescara)

Manoppello is a comune in Abruzzo, in the province of Pescara, Italy. It is famous for having a church which contains an image on a thin byssus veil, a sudarium, known as the Holy Face of Manoppello and which has been reputed to be identical to the Veil of Veronica. Also notable is the Romanesque abbey of Santa Maria Arabona. Twin towns Casarano, Italy Charleroi, Belgium External links Inside Abruzzo - Insider tips uncovered Volto Santo di Manoppello Veil, Polish website Sudarium Christi The Face of Christ online audio visual featuring texts by sudarium expert Sr. Blandina Paschalis Schlömer et al. The Rediscovered Face - 1 first of four installments of an audiovisual presentation relating the holy image with a number of ancient predecessors, YouTube, access date March 2013.

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