Luogo - Religious building

Cattedrale dei Santi Pietro e Paolo

Where Corso Numistrano, Lamezia Terme (Catanzaro)

According to the tradition, the first Cathedral was built in the Byzantine period, with the title of the Assumption, but it's not known its exact location. In 1100 the Countess Eremburga, nephew of Robert the Guiscard, built a new Cathedral dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul. The new building, in majestic Romanesque style, collapsed in the earthquake of 1638. In 1640 Giovan Tommaso Perrone began the construction of a new Cathedral in the current site; between 1693 and 1731 was completed the wooden choir. During the '800, the seventeenth century facade has totally lost its architectural character, assuming the current configuration in 1925. In 1935 was built the dome, covered with tiles, and in the middle of the '900 was built the staircase. In 1969 it was transformed the part of priests, removing the marble altar, the wrought iron gate, the bishop's chair and narrowing the seventeenth-century wooden choir.

Cattedrale dei Santi Pietro e Paolo c
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