Luogo - Park

Giardino Torrigiani

Where Via Gusciana, 21, Firenze

Large park that includes the palace called Casino Torrigiani at Campuccio. In the seventeenth century, Pietro Guadagni began the construction of the Garden, entrusting the project to Luigi Cambrav Digny and then the young Gaetano Baccani, who built a park, full of suggestions related to the world of Arcadia and the symbolism of Freemasonry, which It was part of the Marquis Torrigiani. The presence of the walls of the Arnolfian city served to boost the project, characterized by a wealth of small buildings, statues and botanical peculiarities, deserving a "Notice to visitors", with more than thirty points of interest. In the late nineteenth century, the great lawn Torrigiani housed workouts and private meetings of football, thanks to the passion of Peter, founder of the "Florence Football Club", the oldest football club in Florence. Today the Garden is not so rich in works of art, but the environment has remained well preserved and is one of the most important gardens of Florence. The current entrance leads into a large space marked by a large circular quadripartite flowerbed, centered on the great Classical group, the work by Pio Fedi representing Seneca with the young Pietro Torrigiani. Not far away is the Merlin Cave. The internal surfaces of the walls of the Garden were covered with frescoes depicting scenes of country life and false architecture in ruins. The Tower has a practical and symbolic value: built by Baccani, it soars to a height of about twenty meters.

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