Luogo - Museum

Raccolte d'arte Arciconfraternita della misericordia

Where Duomo, 20, Firenze

On 20 January 2005, the Misericordia of Florence opened the museum within its historic headquarters in Piazza del Duomo. 


The rooms are engaged in this permanent exhibition, containing articles and images related to the more than seven centuries of Florentine life of the Venerable Confraternity: a path deliberately created to tell the history and traditions of one of the longest and most active civic institutions. 


Drawings, watercolors, paintings, sacred objects and objects related to the Florentine school tradition: as the black robe, the book with the first chapters, conjuring used for voting and the basket in which, in the past, were transported patients. 


The building in Piazza Duomo, however, also contains other valuable works, such as a Madonna of Ghiberti's magnificent composition by Luca della Robbia, above the altar of the Oratory, the great martyr St. Sebastian - Patron of the Society - the work of the known sculptor Benedetto da Majano and even the famous Madonna of Mercy, received support in a temple, always in the Oratory, to secure the Florentine school specially made for the Company.

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