Luogo - Monument

Loggia del Bigallo

Where Piazza San Giovanni, 1, Firenze

The Lodge and the adjacent building are located in St. Jhon's Square in Florence, laterally to the Duomo. The palace was built for the Society of St. Mary of Mercy, between 1352 and 1358, until its merger with the Bigallo Company (1445). At the time, the Loggia was used to publicly display the children lost or abandoned so that they were traced, found and adopted. In addition to the mullioned windows on the first floor, the Loggia is developed with round arches. The fresco by Niccolò Gerini, now in the Bigallo Museum, shows the captains of the Company who take care of orphans. Since 1358, the arches of the Loggia were closed by elegant iron grills, while the oratory attached was decorated with frescoes by Nardo di Cione (now partly lost) and sculptures by Alberto Arnoldi, as the great "Madonna with Child and two Angels". They are also contemporary sculptures in the niches of the facade, always by Arnoldi, including the "Madonna with Child" in the ring of the front door. The masterpiece of that time is still the "Madonna of Mercy", where it appears the oldest view of Florence, in which we recognize the Baptistery and the unfinished facade of the St. Mary' s Flower Cathedral. After the merger, on the facade they were painted two frescoes by Ventura di Moro and Rossello di Jacopo Franchi with the stories of the St. Peter Martyr's Preaching in Florence. Many of the exhibits were scattered over time, but a small collection was reassembled in 1904 and reorganized in 1976. The exhibition at the Bigallo Museum is divided into three rooms and includes works by Nardo di Cione, Jacopo del Sellaio and Bernardo Daddi.

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