Luogo - Monument

Campanile di Giotto

Where Piazza del Duomo, 18-20, Firenze

Is one of the symbols of the fourteenth century Florentine Gothic architecture, 84.70 meters high, is covered with white, red and green marble, like Cathedral. Bell Tower was begun by Giotto in 1334 and continued to his death by Andrea Pisano, Luca della Robbia and Alberto Arnoldi. Rich decoration includes hexagonal panels and lozenges and expresses universal legal concept and history of Redemption. The decoration begin with Creation of Man, followed by his activities, Planets, Virtues, Liberal Arts and Sacraments. The statues are conceived as integral elements of the building rather than as decorative components. In the second shelf, the bas-reliefs are replaced sixteen niches containing figures of King, Sibille and statues of Patriarchs and Prophets, including the group of Sacrifice of Isaac, by Donatello. Originals of all the sculptures are located at Museo dell'Opera. 


Daily 8:15 am 7:00 pm. Ticket 15 €

No elevator provided. The climb is not recommended for people suffering from heart, vertigo and claustrophobia.

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