Historical building

Castello di Conversano

Corso Domenico Morea, 14, Conversano, (Bari)

Castle was built by Normans around 1054, as pure purpose of a defensive fortress, and became residence of Acquaviva Counts. It was built on ancient megalithic walls...


Pinacoteca Comunale ''P. Finoglio''

Piazza della Conciliazione, Conversano, (Bari)

The Municipal Art Gallery “P. Finoglio’’ is situated in Conversano Castle, a former residence of the Counts Acquaviva d’Aragona. It is located on the premises...


Museo Diocesano Conversano-Monopoli

Via San Benedetto, Conversano, (Bari)

The Diocesan Museum of Conversano was established on 29th June 2002 on the premises of the Monastery of St. Benedict, a famous and ancient Benedictine abbey nullius...


Museo Civico Archeologico

Via San Benedetto, 16, Conversano, (Bari)

It is an important architectural structure built in the 10th century. The St. Benedict Monastery displays art masterpieces, a medieval cloister (XI-XIII century) with...