Luogo - Religious building

Monastero della Santissima Trinità

Where Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 348, Catania

Originally site of a cloistered women convent, today is divided into two main areas engaged respectively in Police Stations and High School. The area occupied by the Convent was an ancient Roman insula on which, in 1537, were erected the Monastery of Saint Mary of the Recommended and the St. Nicholas the Olive's Church. Work for the construction of the Church began in 1746. The facade is attributed to Francesco Battaglia: tripartite and concave in the middle, has a unique entrance preceded by a stairway in lava, with door decorated with two figures facing the Eye of God, at the center. Above, three windows separated by pillars and two quadrangular towers closed by a dome. Inside, above the entrance, a gilded and decorated choir. The plant is ellipsoidal. On the right altars it is possible to admire paintings by Sozzi and Sebastiano Conca.

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