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Museo di Zoologia e Casa delle Farfalle

Where Via Lago di Nicito, 38, Catania

The collections in the Museum relate primarily to the fauna of the Mediterranean: the collection is the largest entomological collection "Ragusa", which includes about 25,000 specimens of moths. Extraordinary also the exposure of specimens of fauna which includes an interesting ornithological collection of over 160 birds, which was acquired in 1991 by a donation of Club Hunters of the Province of Catania, and that dates back to 1923, donated by the noblewoman Anna Paternò Castello, which includes a thousand copies, mostly exotic, including a hundred hummingbirds of considerable interest, as well as numerous parrots and eparadisee. In 1989, the scientific heritage has been further enhanced through the acquisition of important ornithological collections Baglieri and Baglieri Benanti, including over 500 cars from Sicily. The same structure is vivitabile the "House of Butterflies", a small air-conditioned greenhouse, home to moths and insects tropicalli observable in their various life stages. 

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