Luogo - Architecture

Centro Fieristico le Ciminiere

Where Viale Africa, 218, Catania

Multipurpose complex created by the restoration of some buildings, abandoned since the war, which made up the largest industrial complex of refining of sulfur extracted from Sicilian hinterland mines. The redevelopment has resulted in the new construction of many buildings and the transformation of others. The Complex was born progressively in the mid-nineteenth century. Completely abandoned since the mid-60s, in 1984 the building has been recovered. Currently the area is divided in order to fulfill three possible functions: trade fair, exhibition and conference center. Various spaces of the area have been studied as a function of the absence of architectural barriers. The Center also houses a permanent Mmuseum on the Landing in Sicily in 1943, a permanent exhibition of old maps of Sicily (Collection "La Gumina"), an exhibition of antique radios (Collection Romeo) and a Museum of Cinema.

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