Luogo - Religious building


Where Piazza Marconi, Castelli (Teramo)
he church is dedicated to Saint Rock, whose statue stands out on the niche surmounting the portal. A miraculous event nonetheless connected it in people's devotion to the Virgin of Tears: according to a tradition the Madonna portrayed in the precious fifteenth-century fresco by Andrea Delitio, which used to decorate the church (at present under restoration), cried and Her tears were collected and sent to the Pope, who recognized the miracle and honored the church with precious gifts in remembrance of the prodigious event. In the last century the interior of the chapel was embellished with two ceramic altar pieces by local craftsmen, while on the brick façade a majolica tondo portraying the Madonna with the Child was put over the portal. The portal itself, in white stone, is surmounted by a round headed arch, supported by a bundle of columns and a pillar on each side. Two faces are carved on the pillars, probably identifiable with the clients. 
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