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Museo didattico d'arte e vita preistorica

Via Pieve S. Siro, 4, Capo di Ponte, (Brescia)

Educational Museum of Prehistoric Art and Life is the place in which those who enter can interact with things, manipulate objects and try to repeat the actions of the...


MUPRE - Museo Nazionale della Preistoria della Valle Camonica

Via San Martino, 7, Capo di Ponte, (Brescia)

National Museum of Prehistory, housed in the building of Villa Agostini in the center of Capo di Ponte and opened in 2014, integrates the exposure of finds the wealth...

Area Archeologica

Parco archeologico nazionale dei Massi di Cemmo

Via Pieve di S. Siro, Capo di Ponte, (Brescia)

Archaeological National Park of Massi di Cemmo opened in October 2005, is the expansion of a small state area called "Massi di Cemmo", existing since 1964. Lucky...