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Where Valvestino (Brescia)
Valvestino is a comune in the province of Brescia, in Lombardy in northern Italy. Historical and cultural profile The Stoni and the Gallic Cenomani, then the Romans and the Lombards lived here. The Lodrone family established in Valvestino from 1200 to 1807; then, for centuries, this has been nobody's land. It came to Italy in 1919, Valvestino was separated from Trentino in 1934, and became a hamlet of Turano. The ancient administrative autonomy was achieved again in 1947. The abundance of pastures has always been significant for the village economy, dedicated to cattle raising that survives, still today, in summer mountain barns, with production of milk, from which famous cheeses and butter are obtained. The historicals cores of Armo, Bollone, Moerna, Persone and Turano are a crossing of small passages with peasants' high and narrow houses. Festival and events Feast of Alpine troops in August in Armo; Feast of "Perdono" in August in Turano. References
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