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The Zizzona di Battipaglia 

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It is famous for its generous shape that resembles an udder and from which it takes its name - the Zizzona di Battipaglia is buffalo milk mozzarella and has become famous throughout Italy thanks to the film "Benvenuti al Sud".

Above and beyond the cinematographic success of Zizzona - which was highly praised by Claudio Bisio in the famous Luca Miniero film -  the roots of this buffalo milk mozzarella derive from a romantic legend - that of the Etruscan nymph Bapti-Palìa.

The beautiful divinity that reigned in the marshes of Campania located in the province of Salerno kept the secret of this delicious product of fresh buffalo milk.

 It was considered a treasure reserved for the gods. Even today it is still known as the mozzarella of the gods. The nymph Bapti-Palìa who was in love with the mortal Tusciano -  a shepherd from Campania -  decided to reveal the se-cret of this recipe.

It was Tusciano who spread the trick of the irresistible Antica Mozzata di Battipaglia, therefore the two lovers were punished by the gods who destined them to wander without ever meeting again. The nymph became a city - Battipaglia - protector of a worldwide unique product.

Zizzona di Battipaglia, a guaranteed product 

It boasts an undisputable quality production which derives exclusively from Campania: the real “Zizza” - a type of buffalo milk mozzarella - is recognized when "Cacc o latt” - as they say in Naples. It is in fact produced with the delicacy of fresh buffalo milk that is delivered to the dairy di-stributor within a few hours after milking.

It is an extremely precious product which is considered to be a jewel of the gastronomic culture of Campania with disproportionate dimensions: the Zizzona di Battipaglia can vary in weight from a minimum of one kilo to 5 kilos.
The original product which is sovereign to the Campania region is La Zizzona di Battipaglia, a registered mozzarella trademark containing 100% buffalo milk.  It is produced by the La Fattoria Cheese house which is one of the best dairies found in Campania. The Zizzona of Battipaglia is also a community that arouses the desire of its consumers everyday through its "delicious" posts.

The curiosity demonstrated for the Zizzona has grown enormously in recent years - so much as to host a dedicated event: the Zizzona Festival of Battipaglia which celebrates the queen of buffalo mozzarella of Campania since 2012.

It contains a program full of initiatives dedicated to the excellent dairy product of the Sele plain, including gastronomy, goliardic events - such as the Zizzona Eaters Championship - and entertain-ment embellished by famous faces of show business.

Today Zizzona is the undisputed protagonist not only of the festival, but of an entire territory - the undisputed queen of traditional recipes and delicious gourmet dishes.

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