Museo Civico

Piazza del Popolo, 14, Taverna (Catanzaro)

The Civic Museum is housed in the former Dominican convent, adjacent to the Church of St. Dominic. Founded in 1465, the building was damaged by the earthquake of...

Chiesa di San Domenico (Duomo)

Piazza del Popolo, Taverna (Catanzaro)

The construction of the building begins with the foundation of Dominicans Monastery in 1464. Church was originally built using tufa and suffered severe...

Centro Visita "Antonio Garcea" - Sentiero Didattico per utenti con disabilità motorie

Villaggio Mancuso, Taverna (Catanzaro)

A.Garcea, adjacent to Mancuso Village, in the municipality of Taverna, appears as an area mostly covered by larch pine in pure formation. Just from the immense...

Museo Tematico della Biodiversità "Le Foreste della Sila"

Strada Statale 179 Dir, 17, Taverna (Catanzaro)

In the "Forests of the Sila" Museum, the evolution and structure of the forestry formations of the Sila is touched upon, highlighting some of the relationships that...

Riserva Biogenetica e Centro di Ambientamento "Poverella - Villaggio Mancuso"

villaggio mancuso, Taverna (Catanzaro)

The Reserve has a wavy curved morphology that is always kept within moderate limits. The geological plateau is made up of metamorphosed archaic rocks dating back to...

Riserva Naturale "Coturelle-Piccione"

Unnamed Road, Taverna (Catanzaro)

Chestnut area and fallow oak trees. In the undergrowth there are heather, aquiline fern and carbon black broom. Between 1.100 and 1.600 m altitude is included the...

Riserva Naturale "Gariglione-Pisarello"

Unnamed Road, Taverna (Catanzaro)

Landscape located on the tops of the Sila, rocky and steep. There are woods of beech, chestnut, walnut, black pine and larch pine. Significant is the presence of an...

Chiesa di Santa Barbara

santa barbara, Taverna (Catanzaro)

Its construction dates back to 1427, by Franciscan friars. Inside there were built eight altars dedicated to the Madonna, St. Francis and the SS Crucifix.

Chiesa di Santa Maria Maggiore

Taverna (Catanzaro)

Considered the oldest church of Taverna, inside are paintings by Cristoforo Santanna.


The legend tells that the origins of Taverna, formerly called "Trischene" date back to the times of Greek domination. It is situated on the slopes of Sila Piccola and...


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