Luogo - Religious building


Where Strada Statale 17, Roccaraso (L'Aquila)
The church of San Pellegrino was in the beginning part of the Benedictine Abbey of San Pellegrino and Santa Maria, whose properties extended for 4000 hectares as far as the consular Via Claudia and the church of San Benedetto in Perilliis. In the XII century the title of abbey was bestowed upon the church and it maintained its self-government until the XVI century, when the monks decided to desert the monastery in order to protest against the loss of independence.
The church is attested as from the end of the tenth century, but its present structure dates to the XII century. 
The plan of the church consists of a nave and two aisles with apses, divided by round arcades. The part of the façade corresponding to the central nave is surmounted by a spire, while the coping is horizontal on the two sides.
The inside, renovated according to the Baroque sense of taste of the XVIII century, has been brought back to its Romanic configuration when the church was restored in the early twentieth century. It exhibits noteworthy pieces such as a cathedra, an Easter candle and a pulpit dated all to the twelfth century, a thirteenth-century ciborium and an altar of the same age.

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