Religious building

Santuario di Santa Maria Lauretana

Via Torre Santa Maria, Ricadi, (Vibo Valentia)

It has origins as a shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Mercy, in the late sixteenth century. During the seventeenth century it became a small country church for farmers and fishermen. It was enlarged during the eighteenth century with windows and side doors, and dedicated to Mary S.S. Loreto (1731). It suffered damage in the earthquake of 1783. Votive cross was erected in 1784, about 100 meters away from the sea, and was the limit of the route of the procession on the feast day. During French occupation, in 1806, the building was plundered of most materials, intended for the construction of a military fort in the South Bay. In 1815, after the defeat of French at Battle of St. Euphemia and their escape, the villagers destroyed the fort and rebuilt the church, increasing the length and height. On that occasion it was placed current statue of Virgin in the niche adorned with stucco and paintings. After the earthquake of 1905 was erected the bell tower as it appears now. In 2002 it was made the complete renovation of the interior, decorated with an altar made from a local granite monolith. In 2008 it was blessed the sea port, the bronze doors carved by master Vincenzo Varone from Aquila Academy, in the tiles that recalls the events that mark the history of Sanctuary.

*Taken by a Don Pasquale Russo text.

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