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Where Moimacco (Udine)
Moimacco (Friulian Muimans) is small a town in the province of Udine, situated a few kilometres west of Cividale del Friuli, 121 metres (397 ft) above sea level, in the north-east corner of Italy. History Located at the intersection of important trade routes, legend says that Moimacco was funded by an officer of the Roman army named Mommeius (or Mumius). Since its origins the economy of the village was tied to the neighboring center of Cividale. Economy Today, Moimacco's industrial district provides jobs for workers commuting from close by cities. A few small farms are present as well. Main sights Places of interest are the churches of S. Maria Assunta, San Giovanni and San Donato, the noble villas De Claricini and De Puppi, with splendid gardens and art collections. Food Frico is a cheese and potatoes, or sometimes only cheese, pan fried pie. Other local products include salami and the cheese Montasio, produced in the local latteria (dairy).
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