Religious building

Duomo di San Giorgio

Via San Michele, 21, Modica, (Ragusa)

The St. George's Cathedral is the mother church of the city of Modica, inserted in the List of World Heritage Site by UNESCO, symbol of Sicilian Baroque, which is the...

Historical building

Palazzo Polara

Via Polara, 91, Modica, (Ragusa)

On the left side of Cathedral is Polara Palce, of late eighteenth century, on whose pediment the family crest with North Star. It is a building in late Baroque...


Pinacoteca di Palazzo Grimaldi

Corso Umberto I, 151, Modica, (Ragusa)

Grimaldi Palace, of eighteenth-nineteenth century, with adjoining site of St. Christopher's Church, chapel of Grimaldi family, we meet along the main street and...

Religious building

Chiesa di Santa Maria di Betlem

Corso Umberto I, 78, Modica, (Ragusa)

It is one of three ancient collegiate of Modica, dating at fourteenth century. The facade is Renaissance in its first order of the late sixteenth century, designed...

Historical building

Chiesa di Santa Maria del Soccorso - Palazzo degli Studi

Corso Umberto I, 195, Modica, (Ragusa)

Current Palace of Studies (1610-1630) was ancient Convent of Jesuits. College was attached to SS. Jesus and Mary's Church, now called Santa Maria del Soccorso,...

Religious building

Duomo di San Pietro

Strada Castello, Modica, (Ragusa)

Built between 1301 and 1350, Church was damaged by time and frequent earthquakes. Some internal elements survived the collapse, other were reconstructed by Rosario...

Religious building

Chiesa ed ex Convento di San Domenico

Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 191, Modica, (Ragusa)

St. Dominic's Church (1678) has one of the few tables remained intact after the earthquake of 1693. Original building and the adjacent Dominican Convent dating back...

Historical building

Palazzo Napolino-Tommasi Rosso

Corso Crispi, Modica, (Ragusa)

It is situated behind Cathedral and is among the most significant evidence of late-Baroque Modica. Its construction dates back to the second half of the eighteenth...


Teatro Garibaldi

Via Ritiro, 151, Modica, (Ragusa)

The first building was built between 1815 and 1820 and called "Ferdinandeo Real Theatre", in honor of Ferdinand Bourbon. In 1844 it was given the task of its...

Religious building

Chiesa e Convento del Carmine

Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, 4, Modica, (Ragusa)

St. Mary of Carmel's Church, called "Carmine" (XIV-XV century), it is one of the few monuments that resisted the violence of the earthquake of 1693. The facade is...

Religious building

Chiesa di San Giovanni Evangelista

Via Blandino Vincenzo, 5, Modica, (Ragusa)

Located on this site since 1150, it was damaged by the first earthquake of 1542. Church was rebuilt in its present size, only to be severely hit by the earthquake...


Museo Medico Tommaso Campailla

Strada Campailla, Modica, (Ragusa)

Former Hhospital of Pieta is vanue of a Museum of Medicine, which houses many medical and surgical instruments of nineteenth and twentieth century. Another portion...