Viale dei Tigli

viale dei tigli, Martirano Lombardo (Catanzaro)

Viale dei Tigli, about 200 meters long, extends parallel to Via Gaspare Colosimo. Offers coolness and refreshment on hot days and a view of the two thousand year-old...

Promontorio del Vetriolo

promontorio del vetriolo, Martirano Lombardo (Catanzaro)

Vetriolo Promontory is a vantage point from which you can admire Tyrrhenian Sea and, if lucky, on clear days even Aeolian Islands and Stromboli. In the spring months...

Campo Bombarda

campo bombarda, Martirano Lombardo (Catanzaro)

Campo Bombarda, located near Mount Mancuso, above the village of Pietrebianche, is an equipped green area that allows you to enjoy long walks immersed in nature,...

Chiesa Matrice

chiesa matrice, Martirano Lombardo (Catanzaro)

Chiesa Matrice was built in the years immediately following the earthquake and made accessible to the faithful in 1937.

La Rotonda

la rotonda, Martirano Lombardo (Catanzaro)

Rotonda, located in the center of the village, is a monumental rounded structure built in stone.

Martirano Lombardo

Martirano Lombardo is the youngest country in Calabria, only a little over one hundred years old. Its history is strongly linked to Ancient Martirano that on 8...


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