Museo del Duomo

Via Don Minzoni, 10/a, Fidenza (Parma)

Museo dei Fossili dello Stirone

via Costa, 2 (c/o Palazzo delle Orsoline), Fidenza (Parma)

Museo Civico del Risorgimento "L. Musini" - Palazzo delle Orsoline

Via Costa, 2 (c/o Palazzo delle Orsoline), Fidenza (Parma)

Teatro Girolamo Magnani

Piazza Verdi, Fidenza (Parma)

Cattedrale di San Donnino (Duomo)

Piazza Duomo, Fidenza (Parma)

Built between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries on Romanesque style, on the Via Francigena, dedicated to San Donnino, it was built at the point where, according to...

Chiesa di San Pietro

Piazza Gioberti, 1, Fidenza (Parma)

Built between 1603 and 1613 by Augustinian hermits on the site of a former 12th-century church, Baroque church was designed by architect Maurizio Bacchini. The...

Santuario della Gran Madre di Dio

Via Agostino Berenini, 2, Fidenza (Parma)

Raised between 1710 and 1722 on the project by Father Stefano Maria Bramieri as a church annexed to College of Jesuits, Baroque style building was sacrificed in 1806...

Chiesa di San Michele Arcangelo

Via Giosuè Carducci, 41, Fidenza (Parma)

Built between 1533 and 1537 on the site of a former church of 1181, the church has a facade reconstructed in 1893. After being closed for long years, the building was...

Porta di San Donnino

Via Agostino Berenini, 134, Fidenza (Parma)

Built in 1364 on the first span of ancient Roman bridge by Bernabò Visconti, together with the town wall, Medieval Gate is the only surviving trace of ancient...

Palazzo Comunale

Piazza Garibaldi, 1, Fidenza (Parma)

Built in Gothic-Lombard style between 1273 and 1354, Palazzo Comunale, partially destroyed in 1527 by Spanish and French troops, was rebuilt in 1570. The facade was...


Fidenza is a town and comune in the province of Parma, Emilia-Romagna region, Italy. It has around 24,000 inhabitants. The town was renamed Fidenza in 1927, recalling...


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