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gallicianò, Condofuri, (Reggio Calabria)

The charming village of Gallicianò, in the municipality of Condofuri, is located along the right bank of Amendolea river, in Aspromonte National Park. It can be reached through a drome (road), between curves and overhangs, which leads to the first houses, in the locality Vucida, and then to the village, whose housing nucleus is distributed around the square with Church of San Giovanni Battista. Gallicianò is called "Acropolis of Magna Graecia", as it is the only village still entirely Hellenophone, where we still speak Greek of Calabria and preserves precious musical, gastronomic and ritual heritage of Greek Calabria. To visit: the small Ethnographic Museum, Casa della Musica, Grecofona Library, Orthodox Church of Madonna dei Greci and Fountain of Love.

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