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Borgo di Cefalù

lungomare, Cefalù, (Palermo)

Included among "The most beautiful villages in Italy", the association of small Italian centers that stand out for their great artistic, cultural and historical relevance, for the harmony of the urban fabric, Cefalù is also part of the network of Solidarity Municipalities and hosts one of the most important Sicilian UNESCO sites, Duomo, inserted in "Palermo-Norman Palermo and the cathedrals of Cefalù and Monreale". The historic center of Cefalù has a Medieval structure characterized by narrow streets, paved with the pebbles of the beach and the limestone of Rocca di Cefalù. Cefalù is recognized by Walled Towns Friendship Circle, a prestigious English club, a "Walled City", or a city where, within the historic center surrounded by walls, one lives permanently with shops and other commercial activities and where the Palazzo Comunale is still located.

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