Cisterne romane

Piazza Matteotti, Amelia, (Terni)

The Roman CisternsThe Cisterne Romane are located under the current Piazza Matteotti, corresponding to the ancient public square of the Roman age, the Forum, right...


Museo Civico Archeologico e Pinacoteca "Edilberto Rosa"

Piazza A. Vera, 10, Amelia, (Terni)

Civic Archaeological Museum and Civic Art Gallery “Edilberto Rosa”The collections of the Museo Civico Archeologico e Pinacoteca “Edilberto Rosa” are...

Point of interest

Teatro Sociale

Via del Teatro, Amelia, (Terni)

“Sociale” TheaterThe Teatro Sociale was instituted with the initiative of a group of nobles and bourgeois people from Amelia in 1780. The theater is...