Palazzo del Comune

Piazza Risorgimento, Alba (Cuneo)

Historical heart of the city built on pre-existing Roman buildings. Inside, on the main staircase you can admire frescoes from St. Domic's Church, among them a...

Cattedrale di San Lorenzo (Duoma di Alba)

Piazza Pietro Rossetti, Alba (Cuneo)

St. Lowrence's Cathedral was built between 1486 and 1517 at the behest of the bishop Andrea Novelli. Ancient church, which already existed in the eleventh century,...

Civico museo archeologico e di scienze naturali Federico Eusebio

Via Vittorio Emanuele, 19, Alba (Cuneo)

Houses an important collection of archaeological findings from the Neolithic age to Roman times, as well as a natural history section.

Palazzo Mostre e Congressi Giacomo Morra

Piazza Medford, 3, Alba (Cuneo)

Palace was built in 1985 by architect Valerio Demaria from Alba. It is a multipurpose facility on three floors: the main entrance and the four exhibition halls are...