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Edificio storico

Palazzo Rinascimentale

Via Cantogrande, Aieta, (Cosenza)

Renaissance Palace is located in the ancient center and dominates with its grandeur, the underlying construction. It was built in the sixteenth century. by Marchesi...

Punto di Interesse

Borgo di Aieta

Piazza Mons. Lomonaco, Aieta, (Cosenza)

It appears in historical documents under the name of Asty Aetou, or "City of the Eagle" (from the greek αετός, "eagle"). The fertile valley within which lies...

Edificio di culto

Chiesa Madre di Santa Maria della Visitazione

Piazza Monsignore Lomonaco, Aieta, (Cosenza)

Mother Church of St. Mary of the Visitation is located in Mons. Marco Lomonaco square. Formerly known as “S. Maria de Fora” dating from the XII century...

Edificio di culto

Cappella di San Biagio

Via Socastro, Aieta, (Cosenza)

The Chapel of San Biagio rises in via Socastro. Dates from the twelfth century or so. Inside is a valuable medieval fresco depicting the Madonna and Child with Saint...

Edificio di culto

Cappella dell'Addolorata

Piazza Comm. Rea, Aieta, (Cosenza)

The Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows rises in the square Comm. G. Rea and dates back to the eighteenth century. Inside is a painting of the Madonna with Jesus down from...


Casa degli Antichi Mestieri

Palazzo Rinascimentale, 3, Aieta, (Cosenza)

The cultural association ‘I fili del rinascimento’ was born in Aieta in order to discover, enhance, promote and disseminate all the manual arts that use...