Area Archeologica

Teatro Greco

Via Teatro Greco, 59, Taormina, (Messina)

Greek Theater is the most famous monument of Taormina and the second largest theater in Sicily after Syracuse. Built by Greeks in the third century AC, Theater was...

Punto di Interesse

Piazza IX Aprile

Piazza 9 Aprile, 6, Taormina, (Messina)

Roof terrace of the sea and famous center of social life of Taormina, Piazza IX Aprile opens onto the city's main street, Corso Umberto, with its many outdoor...

Edificio storico

Palazzo Corvaja

Via Teatrino Romano, Taormina, (Messina)

Corvaja Palace, aristocratic building in the center of Taormina, has as its core cubic original tower built by Arabs for military purposes between 902 and 1079,...

Edificio di culto

Cattedrale di San Nicola di Bari (Duomo di Taormina)

Piazza Duomo, Taormina, (Messina)

Imposing building was erected in the XIII century on the ruins of a church dedicated to St. Nicholas of Bari. The building underwent numerous reconstructions during...


Villa Comunale Parco Colonna (Giardini di Taormina)

Via Bagnoli Croce, Taormina, (Messina)

Beautiful Public Gardens, originally private park created by the will of Lady Florence Trevelyan Cacciola, Scottish noblewoman who lived in Taormina in 1884,...