Castello Aragonese

Piazza Musolino, Pizzo (Vibo Valentia)

Built in the second half of the fifteenth century by Ferdinand I of Aragon in defense of the Kingdom, the Aragonese Castle, which stands on the western part of the...

Museo del Mare

Via Prangi, Pizzo (Vibo Valentia)

It has over 100.000 shells from around the world; 5.000 Italian and foreign fossil flora and fauna, hundreds of stuffed fish and mummified skeletons of fish and...

Chiesetta di Piedigrotta

Riviera Prangi, Pizzo (Vibo Valentia)

The Church of Piedigrotta was carved into the sandstone rock by some Neapolitans sailors at the end of the seventeenth century, to thank God for having saved. The...


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