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Where Gamberale (Chieti)

Gamberale is a characteristic Medieval village in the province of Chieti. Its historic center is full of fountains sculpted by Lithuanian artist Ananas Kmielauskas: the Fountain of Atteone, in the center of the village; that of Alpheus and Arethusa; of the Wolf and the Lamb; the Fountain of Aci, Galatea and Polifemo, in the Piano d'Ischia area. Monumento all'Alpino is, instead, at the pass of Forcella. Among the historic buildings, Casa Pollice, in Piazza San Lorenzo, at one of the entrances to the town. It is a three-story building dating back to the 16th century. The symbol of shrimp remains however its Castle: located in the highest part of the historical center, it is currently used as a meeting room. The structure is Medieval, probably built on a pre-existing church. Gamberale is included in Maiella National Park, which can be visited through numerous equipped trails.

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